I am a travel-crazy, animal loving, journalist/social media maven living in southern Spain.  I have led a pretty interesting (or at least I think so) life and despite the years creeping up, I have many adventures to tick off my list.

After the hangover subsided on New Year’s day this year (2016) a terrifying realisation hit me…this was the year I would turn 50.

My birthday falls in March so there was little time left to savour my 40s and prepare myself for the big ‘five – O’.

This blog tells the story of how I actually managed to get to this age, despite decades of ‘devil may care’ attitude to daily life, and how I decided to deal with it!

If you’re expecting stories of hot flashes, empty nest syndrome (I am a proud, child-free woman), or complaints about romance and men, then you’ve come to the wrong blog.  I embrace life and simply don’t have time for negativity, there’s way too much fun to be had!

Welcome friends and enjoy the ride…