Let’s hear it for the girls


Wow! Where does the time go?
I have neglected this blog for just over a year, been meaning to catch up and life, work, holidays, shopping… all get in the way.
I decided today, on International Women’s day, that it is time to get back into some blogging and sharing some of my thoughts and observations on life.

Well I started this blog after I turned the dreaded 5 – 0 and since abandoning the blog for a year I have had another birthday…oh and there’s another one of the goddamn things on the horizon in a few weeks.
However, I feel like I have regressed yet again into my early twenties.  I have become somewhat obsessed with YouTube videos on how to do your make-up, hair, wear different items of clothing…in fact I rarely leave the house without first having consulted ‘Tiffany’, ‘Tallulah’ or ‘Brittany’ on what I should wear and how I should do my make-up.
Now bear in mind these pretty young things are at least 25 years younger than me and the only lines on their faces are their (very complicated) cat-eye eyeliner, so I also looked at the ‘more mature woman’ version on how to do a ‘smoky eye’.  The final result was me resembling my old headmistress or looking like I’d done six rounds with David Haye (now there’s a thought!)
So, refusing to take on board ‘less is more’ after a certain age  it was back to Tiffany and her friends and their seemingly two-hour long make-up routines.
I mean, yes the end result is stunningly beautiful (on them) but seriously, who has that kind of time to do their make-up, for a 8pm dinner date I would need to start getting ready at 4pm!
Another thing I noticed was the sheer amount of different products and tools they use, now don’t get me wrong, I like to spend money on make-up and in fact have a daytime make-up drawer and a night time one, but these girls virtually have the whole of Sephora in their bedrooms.
So it was off to shops I went! Luckily I had a trip to Madrid planned (no Sephora or MAC in this retail desert where I live). The Mecca of make-up, Sephora, was my first port of call, followed by MAC, the only brand I trust for foundation and then…now don’t judge me… I thought I would give Primarni a try!  (I know, shocked you all there!)
To be fair, the Primark in Madrid is pretty impressive, four or five storeys of cheap and cheerful clothes and, well, just about everything! In this store, there are actually clothes on the hangers and shelves as opposed to strewn on the floor, always a bonus.
If I was going to buy all the tools Talulah recommended I am afraid I was going low-end, so bagged myself numerous brush kits, sponges and other important paraphernalia ready to complete my new expanded make-up regime.
(I did pop back to Sephora to indulge myself with a 40 euro ‘Too Faced’ eye palette, a Benefit brown kit and a lip plumper, which actually works, even if your lips do feel like you’ve over indulged in a bag of the 1980s popular sweet, ‘Space Dust’!)

So you are asking yourselves, how is the new make-up routine is going? Well, since getting home, I haven’t been out in the evening yet and haven’t made the time to try, as Brittany would put it, “a subtle daytime look” as I already get up at 7am and after drinking my cup of tea, doing a workout, walking the dogs, showering and doing my hair, I simply haven’t had time!  I have, however, ordered an illuminated make-up mirror (still in the box). So watch this space.


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