She works hard for the money

While I have never been a saver or particularly careful with money (this is probably why I am not wealthy), I hate being disappointed by something I have spent my hard earned money on.
Whether it’s a meal in a restaurant, a stay in a hotel, or an item of clothing that didn’t seem to look the same when I got it home, I like to think I have chosen and spent well.

Shopping on the internet, while easy and convenient (I mean you don’t even have to put make-up on or leave the house), can also be a real minefield.
There are certain no-gos for me when shopping online, shoes (I have the smallest feet in the world and shoes in shoe shops rarely fit properly, let alone those purchased online), jeans, no, no, no, I am 5″ 2 and very low-waisted, so those cute skinny hipster jeans on the model would be inches too long (ok easily altered) and the waist would be somewhere up around my bust (impossible to alter) and, as I have recently discovered – make-up is also a no no.

If you are familiar with a brand and know the shade or have maybe tried a sample in an actual real-life store, then buying make-up online is probably safe.  If not, buyer beware – you are entering the world of orange toned foundation, scary doll-like blush and lipstick in a tone your grandma would even steer clear of.

Last week I made the fatal error of ordering foundation online.  Not only that, I chose a much cheaper brand than I usually buy (ok not all inexpensive products are bad) and a brand I had always steered clear of.
I’m not knocking the brand, it is a well-known staple of a equally well-known UK beauty and Pharmacy store, but sorry, it is just not for me.
Some items (alright not many) I don’t mind buying lower cost, but when it comes to make-up I am high end all the way!  Remember the TLC song, with the lyrics which say “you can buy all the make-up MAC can make…” well I do pretty much buy all they make, no it ain’t cheap, but, as that other well-known brand slogan states – “I’m worth it!”

So back to the bad purchase. I wanted an inexpensive foundation to use on non-work days or non-going out nights, days where I may walk the dogs to a nearby cafe or days when I go to the gym (yes I am that person who pops on a little bit of make-up to go running!) Not always, but you never know who you will run into!
So the foundation arrived, along with a couple of other products, those from the ‘safe’ list.  I excitedly opened it and gave it a try.  TOTAL FAIL, despite vigorous shaking which negated the need to go to the gym that week, it was a horrible oily consistency, and didn’t so much ‘glide’ onto my skin, it actually slid off, no gentle blending with the fingertips would make that sucker stay on my face, it was like some kind of chemistry experiment gone wrong.
If it had soaked in and enhanced all my pores or turned me orange I would have been less disappointed. This stuff was quite simply repelling off my face.
I was so annoyed, it went straight in the bin! When I say it was inexpensive, it was around 15 euros, so not exactly pennies but cheap compared to my usual favourite (sorry MAC, I will never stray from the path again.)

So apologies for the rant here but my husband didn’t get it, friends I have seen since the ‘incident’ were more hung up on what I usually spend on make-up, so I had to tell someone who would listen!!

So from now on I will stick to internet shopping from the ‘safe list’, iPhone cases, plain tee-shirts and tried and tested products!

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