Hazy shade of winter

I am not good with winter.  I was meant for sunny climes, which is why I upped sticks and moved to southern Europe 30 years ago.
Is it just me, or is world weather changing year on year?  Maybe after all this time I am acclimatised but winters seem that little bit more unbearable, even here on the sunny Spanish costas.

My little piece of paradise has just had the coldest spell in more than a decade, there was even snow on the hills overlooking the coast.  I mean this is supposed to be Europe’s desert for goodness sake!   We were fairly lucky in that it dropped to around 8 degrees (that’s about 46 in old money) so it could have been worse, but still…

Anyway, winter gets me down, yes it’s nice to get the warmer clothes out, swap the Havaianas for Converse hi-tops and give the heating in my new car a good run in but still, I find myself wishing my life away again, urging summer to show her face!

I always feel a little dull and grey in winter, although I am kind of olive toned, I find myself putting on more make-up to brighten my complexion, then wipe most of it off as I see it seeping into my face and enhancing any lines.  I envy my English Rose, peachy skinned friends who seem to glow in the winter (you know who you are!), whereas us olive skins turn sallow, verging on yellow.
My best friend in winter is ‘Benefit Rockateur’, a brightening blush powder which really gives a natural rosy glow without looking clown-like. The very similar Sugar Bomb powder also has lovely effects.  The packaging is a lot of fun too, cheers me up on a workday morning.

The staple colour of winter – Black, is not my friend, it simply does not suit me, trousers, skirts, yes,  but close to my face it saps any hint of skin tone I might have had.  I do own a few black dresses and tops but always pair them with a brighter-coloured scarf to soften the harshness.
I also hate wearing tights (did I mention I don’t like winter!) I hate the feel of them on my skin, I hate the way despite frequent pedicures my toes always rip through them, I hate the fact you can never get the right size, today’s pair I could practically pull up around my head, well I guess at least that would solve my make-up problem.
Annoyingly, my legs are still quite tanned but apart from the risk of contracting pneumonia, if I were to set foot out the door with no tights in January, people would either think I was a tourist, very poor or just plain crazy.

So I long for summer, long days of sunshine, sneaky afternoons on the beach, weekends swimming in the ocean and balmy nights sipping cocktails.
For now it’s hot porridge for breakfast,  soup for lunch, steaming cups of tea in the afternoon and a roaring log fire in the evening.
That may seem romantic, but the leopard-skin onesie kind of spoils the moment!

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