Beauty is only skin deep

I alway said, when I got older and started to look it, I would have any ‘work’ done that was within my budget.  As it turned out, my budget never got to be very big so I was fortunate so far not to be in dire need of said ‘work’!

I have dabbled in a little Botox, the first, about three years ago, just a little touch for those frown lines between the eyebrows, you know the ones, those that make you look perpetually angry or perplexed.  More than three decades living in sunny climes, despite the efforts of Mr RayBan, the lines in this area became deeper and more prominent.

As I have always worn a full fringe (bangs) I am not worried about the horizontal lines on my forehead so left that area au-naturel.  I was talked into having a little Botox in the laughter lines at the side of my eyes (to be honest I hadn’t even noticed them!!) Anyway, this turned out to be a disaster, within a week of having this area done, I found one side of my face became lopsided, I could only smile with one side of my mouth.
At first, I suspected a mild case of Bells Palsy or worse so I took myself off to my private doctor who sent me for an MRI scan.  While lay inside the machine, it suddenly dawned on me what the probable cause was…too embarrassed to tell my doctor, I collected the (favourable) results of the scan and left the poor woman scratching her head wondering what my mystery illness could be!  The effects took a good two weeks to ease up and no needle has been anywhere near that area since!!

Although I have never been a smoker, I felt my upper lip area could do with a boost so a few years ago braved a session of Restylane to give me a plump up in that part of my face.
Now, I bruise if I so much as look at the corner of a coffee table, so for about a week after the treatment I spent every morning trying and failing to cover up what looked like an Adolf Hitler style moustache, caused by severe bruising.
The results were eventually very pleasing but only lasted six months or so.  I may consider it again, but definitely when I don’t have to be seen in public for a week!

I have been amazed by how many of my younger friends have turned to cosmetic enhancements, it seems as easy as popping to the shopping mall and buying new shoes.
I have no qualms about giving mother nature a helping hand, if you can afford it and it makes you happy, then I say go for it.  Just remember to find a registered and reputable provider, recommendations from friends are often a good way to find the right clinic.

I like this quote from late American novelist, James Salter:

“There is no real beauty without some slight imperfection”. 

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